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FROM A DULCIMERVILLE PARTICIPANT: "A great inexpensive vacation, and the bonus was I brought home the ability to enjoy music much more!" 

DULCIMERVILLE CONCERTS - Open to the public! See Special Features page.

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A Letter from Lois Hornbostel,

        Producer of Dulcimerville



Hi, friends of Dulcimerville!

In 2010 I founded Dulcimerville at the lovely Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. Since 1989 I have directed, founded and produced weeklong events for the mountain dulcimer. They have had satisfying impact on the popularity of the instrument and I've gotten to work with many wonderful staff, volunteers and students. These events have always been one way for me to express my love for the mountain dulcimer and share its wonder with others. But since long before I organized events I have always been a musician, playing concerts, writing books for Mel Bay, and teaching others to play.


Dulcimerville has survived financially under my independent production and financial investment in a tough market for music festivals. It has truly been a labor of love each year requiring months of inspiration, decision making, budget planning, publicity, and financial investment on my part. Devoting so much of the year to Dulcimerville week has not left me enough creative time to explore my musical inspirations and abilities.


My plans this year and in the future are to focus on playing my music, touring and doing some traveling to places I've always wanted to go, so I will not be producing an annual Dulcimerville week. We'll keep you advised on the possibility that I might produce some exciting weekend Dulcimerville events. I appreciate all of you who have written telling me you wanted to attend Dulcimerville in 2014. Your attendance will be important to making weekend Dulcimerville events possible.


These new plans can allow me more creative time, exploring new styles of music on the mountain dulcimer, inspired by some amazing new instruments I have, and collaborating with that great Hawaiian dulcimer player/songwriter, Ehukai Teves. We invite you to visit our website, www.DulcimerMusic.Net . If you are involved with musical shows/events yourself and are in the market for two hardworking mountain dulcimer entertainer-teachers with loads of credentials write to us c/o our website!


I want to express my gratitude and love to all the wonderful volunteer helpers and staff who have worked with me clear back to the '80s to make my weeklong events successful. Many thanks also to the participants who supported with their attendance my previous Dulcimerville events. I really appreciate all the fun we have together. I look forward to seeing more of you as we enjoy the mountain dulcimer and music more!




Lois Hornbostel, Producer




Mountain Dulcimer Week

Monday, June 3 thru Saturday, June 8, 2013

at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC

Presented by Dulcimerville Productions, LLC


DULCIMERVILLE is a six-day celebration of the Mountain Dulcimer, the sweet stringed instrument developed in the 1800s in our Southern Appalachian mountains. Our ongoing goal is to offer you the most exciting and high-quality dulcimer learning vacation anywhere! Our management has 27 years of experience producing dulcimer events and more years loving and playing the instrument. We hire great player-teachers who carefully craft classes that help dulcimer players of all skill levels enjoy this lovely-sounding and user-friendly instrument. This year we are also offering a course in which you can build your own top-quality dulcimer! (Building course filled now - waiting list.).The evenings abound with fun activities, which you can check out on our "Special Features" page.


Never Played a Mountain Dulcimer before? No experience is required for our Beginner/Advanced Beginner course. It has two instructors and one is there specifically to help you solidly master the "basics" and discover the delightful music you can make! See the details on our "Classes" page. (We even have a couple of good 'loaner' dulcimers you can borrow.)

All of this takes place in a friendly and scenic setting at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly's mountaintop conference center.

As you can see from the event dates above, Dulcimer 2013 has taken place now, but feel free to browse this website!  



A Video about Dulcimerville

made by Marie Shelton in 2010. Enjoy!








Founder & Producer

Get to know Lois Hornbostel on her brand-new website,




Some Dulcimerville music...

from some of our instructor-performers, who play many styles from traditional Appalachian to contemporary, to international music on the versatile mountain dulcimer. Videos vary in recording volume; please adjust and enjoy! These and the rest of our artists will perform in our Tuesday & Wednesday night concerts, which are open to the public!


Here's Dulcimerville staff member EHUKAI TEVES performing his original blues song "COAL TOWN BLUES" © 2013 Ehukai Teves. This was 2 weeks after winning the Union Grove, NC dulcimer championship with a very traditional version of the fiddle tune "Soldier's Joy."  Ehukai will lead our Dulcimer Orchestra and will teach 2-hr. electives in "Playing in 8 Keys without Re-tuning," "Intros, Fills & Outros" and "Playing Mountain Dulcimer with Other Instruments."

Here's Dulcimerville's LOIS HORNBOSTEL playing mountain dulcimer on Mike Fenton's beautiful waltz, "POLLY SWALLOW."  Lois will be teaching 2-hr. elective classes in "European Folk Music for Mountain Dulcimer" and "The Magnificent Capo."

For a sampling of a beautifully-played traditional fiddle tune on mountain dulcimer, here's DON PEDI playing "COTTON EYED JOE" with fiddler Bruce Green. You can learn Don's style in our "Traditional Music for Mountain Dulcimer" course and he will teach 2-hr. electives in "Sacred Songs," "Traditional Fiddle Tunes," and "Ballads."

LINDA BROCKINTON is loved for her gentle style of playing the mountain dulcimer and her great teaching. Here's a new video of her playing "MORNING HAS BROKEN." Linda will be teaching our Progressing Intermediate course, and a mini-course in "Basic Fingerpicking."

"BLACK MOUNTAIN RAG" on mountain dulcimer! Black Mountain, NC is where DULCIMERVILLE is located! This video is of Staff member STEPHEN SEIFERT - who will be sharing his beautiful playing technique with Intermediate-into-Advanced and Advanced students in our morning courses, tandem-taught with the wonderful Neal Walters. Stephen will also teach classes for students of various skill levels in 2-hr. electives on "Reading Hands" and "Improvising from the Heart." 

Here's our sweet singer and lovely player SARAH MORGAN performing "MY DEAREST DEAR." Sarah will be teaching 2-hr. elective classes in "Singing with the Mountain Dulcimer," "Playing Music for Weddings" and "Simply Hymns." Sarah is the current National Champion Mountain Dulcimer Player!

Here's BING FUTCH performing a juicy little medley of fiddle tunes often played on the mountain dulcimer! Bing will teach our Early Intermediate course as well as 2-hr. electives on "Mountain Dulcimer Blues" and "Rockin' & Rollin' with the Mountain Dulcimer."

Here's the multi-talented "DOOFUS" band performing the old-time song "GOING ACROSS THE SEA." NEAL WALTERS (vocal/banjo here) will tandem teach our Intermediate-into-Advanced and Advanced courses, along with 2-hr. electives in "Out-of-the-Ordinary Waltzes" and "Just Plain Chords." HEIDI & JOHN CERRIGIONE (mountain dulcimer & guitar) will teach our Beginner/Advanced Beginner course and coaching sessions for its students, plus an elective on "Ensemble Playing" for mountain dulcimer players. COLEEN WALTERS and her fine bass playing will be indispensable musically and will be in the 2-hr. elective on "Playing Mountain Dulcimer with Other Instruments."



Event registration: Dulcimerville Productions, LLC, Lois Hornbostel, 135 Pine Meadows Rd., Bryson City, NC 28713.
Housing/Commuter/Meals registration:  YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Guest Services,  84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711. 828-669-8422. 

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