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FROM A DULCIMERVILLE PARTICIPANT: "A great inexpensive vacation, and the bonus was I brought home the ability to enjoy music much more!" 

DULCIMERVILLE CONCERTS - Open to the public! See Special Features page.

DULCIMERVILLE DRAWINGS! Gorgeous premiums. See Special Features page.


SHARE A RIDE? If you are willing to share a ride (and expenses) to Dulcimerville or from area airports, some very nice dulcimer folks need a little help that way. Just email Lois Hornbostel if you can help.




Housing - Before you register for your room & meals or as a commuter with YMCA, you need to have first be registered in the Dulcimerville event. Register now and save your spot in DULCIMERVILLE! 


Then you complete the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly registration form found at the bottom of the REGISTRATION page of this website.


Unlike many other dulcimer festivals, the majority of our classrooms and dining are in the same building – the Blue Ridge Center. Housing is both in the Blue Ridge Center and Asheville Hall, which is conveniently next door. The housing/meals options below are the most convenient and economical and make it easy to move between classes, meals and housing. You register direct with the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly for your room and meals using this YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly registration form. Also unlike most dulcimer festivals, you have access to use of the Assembly's pool, tennis courts, gardens and trails for your relaxation. If you are looking for a roommate to share a YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly room, Blue Ridge Assembly can assign you one. Just let them know. 

Meals served in the Blue Ridge Center Dining Hall are tasty, fresh, healthy and "all you can eat" buffet style. People with special dietary needs may indicate this on their YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly registration form, and they will help accommodate your needs. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted on YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly property. 


Meals and rooms come in a package. They may be purchased in a 5-night/13-meal room/meals package, which includes: Mon. supper, Tues., Wed. & Fri. breakfast, lunch & supper, Thurs. breakfast & lunch (Thurs. supper is on-the-town after Field Trips), and Sat. breakfast. Thursday night supper meal tickets may be purchased separately by participants at the front desk by Tuesday at 1:00pm - $15 per adult/$7.50 per child.


Coffee or tea during our daily Coffee Breaks are included in the meal package. Children ages 3-11 pay ½ price for meal packages and stay in rooms free. There are no taxes or gratuities at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, so you save on your costs.


Commuting registrants (not staying at the Blue Ridge Assembly) pay a commuter fee to the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly with their YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly registration form. This $22 fee, also included in resident participants' room fees, includes use of the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly grounds and facilities, parking, set-ups and cleaning of classrooms, audio-visual equipment, and coffee/tea for Coffee Breaks.
As a commuting participant you will have the option of a special 8-meal commuters-only meal package (no breakfasts) for another $104. It will help you get to your classes and activities on time.


**Although this is a nonsectarian event, the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly does not allow alcohol or smoking on the premises.**


We are happy to offer you the following housing/meals options this year. Each room has its own bathroom.

1. The Blue Ridge Center.
Rooms in this conference center are your more luxurious choice. They also make it possible to sleep, eat and attend most classes all "under one roof" when you stay here. We are reserving a large portion of the rooms in Blue Ridge Center for our Dulcimerville participants sharing with 1 or 2 other participants, and certified Handicapped participants (having Handicapped auto stickers) staying with other participants or non-participant spouse. These are the two parts of our population to whom it makes the most difference to stay close to classrooms and meals and best uses the spaces available.


The rooms are large, and each has a private bathroom with tub, air-conditioning and generous closet space. The building has 2 elevators. Wi-Fi is available in the lobby. Resort environment. Parking is in front and around the sides of building. Rooms are reserved direct with Blue Ridge Assembly using YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly registration form. Blue Ridge Center housing/meals packages include 13 meals (see above) in the Blue Ridge Dining Hall, and are not sold with fewer meals.

2. Asheville Hall.
Rooms in Asheville Hall provide a real price bargain for those who prefer a simpler option. Although air conditioned, this building is older and the rooms are smaller. Each room has a small private bathroom with shower (no tub) and has less storage space than rooms in the other building. There are no elevators, and the building has 3 floors. Parking is surrounding the building.
These rooms are available to participants in single occupancy, or double occupancy (sharing with 1 other participant or with a non-participant spouse). This year the YMCA is offering a few triple occupancy rooms in Asheville Hall for a very inexpensive rate of $254 per person, which includes 13 meals. This option is a tight fit, so before deciding upon it you may want to ask YMCA about how this small room's space will fit your needs. Rooms are reserved direct with YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly using their registration form a copy of which is on our Registration page for your convenience. Asheville Hall housing/meals packages include 13 meals (see above) in the Blue Ridge Dining Hall, and are not sold with fewer meals.



These are the options available at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly for people 12 years of age and older, and for our Commuting registrants. As with the 2013 Dulcimerville tuitions, they are the same prices as 2012!

Children 3-11 years of age – Housing Free (must have adult supervision at all times while at the YMCA Blue ridge Assembly). Meals 50% discount on the 13 meals ($74.50/child).


YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Room Confirmations: After you send in your room/meals/commuter registration using the YMCA form, you can expect to receive confirmation from YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly approximately 1-2 weeks after sending them your form. For housing, you will have choices of buildings, but room numbers will not be assigned in advance.  The Assembly's registration email address is and the telephone number is 828-669-8422.

If you have any questions not answered above about YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly's housing, meals or commuter details you can contact them at or 828-669-8422.


RV Camping: There is no RV camping at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, but Commuting Participants (see above) looking for local RV campgrounds will find several by Googling "Black Mountain/Swannanoa, NC RV camping." 

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