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135 Pine Meadows Rd.

Bryson City, NC 28713


FROM A DULCIMERVILLE PARTICIPANT: "A great inexpensive vacation, and the bonus was I brought home the ability to enjoy music much more!" 

DULCIMERVILLE CONCERTS - Open to the public! See Special Features page.

DULCIMERVILLE DRAWINGS! Gorgeous premiums. See Special Features page.


SHARE A RIDE? If you are willing to share a ride (and expenses) to Dulcimerville or from area airports, some very nice dulcimer folks need a little help that way. Just email Lois Hornbostel if you can help.




(Scrolls of mountain dulcimers built by the late Edsel Martin, Black Mountain, NC luthier/woodcarver/ musician. A collection of outstanding folk carvings by the Martin family are at the Blue Ridge Assembly, home of DUCIMERVILLE.)


Register now and save your spot in DULCIMERVILLE!

Performers include the delightful "Doofus" band!


Latest News - Dulcimerville Concerts! 

Be entertained and inspire your playing by listening to some of the world's finest mountain dulcimer players - our teaching staff! At our Monday night Welcome Celebration we'll have entertainment. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we'll present two separate staff concerts that are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Different performers each night. 

Performance Times: 7:30 pm., Tues., June 4, and Wed. June 5, 2013

Admission: $12 adults. $5 children under 12. General public advance reservations are recommended. E-mail Lois Hornbostel at . (Dulcimerville Participants and their Non-Participant companions receive tickets to both concerts as part of their tuitions.)

Location:  Washburn Auditorium, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly,

84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711  




Latest News - Drawings at Dulcimerville!










WIN A DULCIMER!  A very fortunate Dulcimerville registrant who participates in our drawing could be the proud owner this beautiful mountain dulcimer, from an anonymous donor who commissioned Ron Ewing to build it. Ron's instruments are know for their silky playing action and resonance. It's made of Walnut and spruce with a dark flamed oak back, and its sound is very sweet.



One of the delectable mountain quilts made by master quilter Laura Phillips to be drawn for during Dulcimerville. Registrations for Dulcimerville close May 27. The kitty doesn't come with the quilt.


More exciting items to be announced!




. Dulcimerville is

   easy to get to!

Only 2-1/2 miles from I-40, Black Mountain, NC exit 64. A map, directions, photos, and mileages from various cities can be found on our LOCATION page.



. Save on Travel Expense.  If you are looking for a ride to Dulcimerville in Black Mountain, NC, or if you would be willing to share a ride and fuel expenses, please fill out the Ride-Share info on your registration form. While we cannot guarantee you a ride, we will be happy to share your contacts with others similarly interested so you can connect!


. Convenient Housing Options - all within steps of our classes and evening events! Save time, energy and expense not commuting from a hotel or having to find restaurants for your meals. The housing & meals packages offered by the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly feature excellent, all-you-can-eat meals and comfortable air-conditioned housing in different price ranges. Details are on the HOUSING & MEALS section of this website.

 . Resort Environment! 

Gorgeous mountains are all around us at the Blue Ridge Assembly. Heated outdoor swimming pool open 1-6 p.m. Four tennis courts. Nature trails, gardens and scenic lake - all on the Assembly grounds. We're in comfortable air-conditioned rooms but are close to our natural environment at the Assembly.



. Dulcimerville T-Shirt!
This year we are offering the popular Dulcimerville logo T-shirts in black (a little 'dressy' and slenderizing!), with our '13 dates. Prices: Sizes M-XL $16. 2X is $18. 3X is $19. These are specially ordered in advance on your Dulcimerville registration form at the REGISTRATION tab of this website. Please specify on the form the number of shirts, what sizes, and include their cost in your registration payment. We expect to have your shirt for you when you check in to Dulcimerville June 3. 

. Monday Night
  Welcome Celebration!
After you check in on Monday night and have supper in the Blue Ridge Dining Hall, we'll gather in Washburn Auditorium for a get-acquainted musical party. More details to be sent to our participants as our event approaches.


. Choices - at your own pace. You personalize your classes and schedule choosing a morning course and afternoon electives, and how many additional activities you want. We don't want to limited your choices, so it's up to you to choose and "pace" yourself.



. The 2013 Dulcimerville Orchestra!
This year Hawaiian musician Ehukai Teves will conduct the Dulcimerville Orchestra. A graduate of the University of Hawaii, his degree is in Music Theory and Voice. Ehukai has started several successful bands and you will be in his latest!
The piece our orchestra players will learn is "Ka Makani Kaili Aloha" (pronounced Kah Mah-kah-nee Kah-ee-lee Alow-hah), one of the most beautiful traditional Hawaiian love songs. (You may have heard Ehukai sing it last year at Dulcimerville.)

The song tells the story of a man from Maui whose wife has left him and gone to Oahu. He chants love prayers into a calabash (gourd) and sets it afloat. Don't you know it - his wife finds the calabash, hears his words of love, and makes her way back home.

Often played on slack key guitars and ukuleles, it works beautifully on the mountain dulcimer. This is a simple piece with just verse and chorus.

So you can "prepare" and get the song in your ears first, here is a sound file of Ehukai Teves singing "Ka Makani Kaili Aloha" and playing melody and one of the harmony parts on mountain dulcimer.  

The Orchestra gives everyone the fun of playing together in a comfortable environment. The music will be arranged in three parts, each one suitable for beginner players, those with some playing experience, and others more advanced. Advanced players will learn slack key guitar techniques on dulcimer to add spice to the arrangement. If you have various other mountain dulcimers (Dulcimettes, bass dulcimers) and can play your uke in the key of D, please bring them along! 


Note: the Orchestra will gather at the Chapel to practice the music the following times:

. 4:15-5:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. First session - We will decide which part                               works best for each person and tablature will be distributed.

. 4:15-5:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

. 9:45-10:30 p.m. Thursday evening, during informal jam times will be an extra chance to practice more with Orchestra in the Chapel.

. 4:15-5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.

On Friday night, at approximately 9:30 the Orchestra will play "Ka Makani Kaili Aloha" at the Students' Open Mike in Washburn Auditorium. Please try to attend the practice sessions and performance to enjoy the full experience of making beautiful music together in an organized group. 



Folkcraft Dulcimers will be among those for sale at Dulcimerville.



. Dulcimerville Marketplace.

You'll find mountain dulcimers and related instruments made by some of the country's best dulcimer builders, CDs, books and videos from some of the world's finest dulcimer artists, T-shirts, and dulcimer accessories in the Dulcimerville Marketplace. Open Tues. & Wed. & Fri. mid-day, late afternoon and evening and after concerts, and Thurs. evening after elective classes.


 . Dulcimer Supply Booth.

Purchase manufactured dulcimer supplies like a variety of strings, Herdim picks and other picks, tuners, and some other supplies that will be sold at the Supply Booth in Dulcimer Doctor Joseph Shelton's office in Blue Ridge Center.



. Jam Session & Sing-Along


We'll have over 30 hours of jam sessions & sing-alongs in evenings and mid-days in different experience levels so there's a place for everyone. Most will be led by our instructors and will include some jamming instruction, and some are "Do-It-Yourself" jams. 



 . Dulcimer Doctor.

Have your dulcimer repaired or rejuvenated at a reasonable cost with a visit to our Dulcimer Doctor, luthier Joseph Shelton. Make your dulcimer's appointment early in the week with him. If you have any questions ahead of time, you can contact Joseph at . He also recommends reading the following article he wrote: .



• "Field Trip" Time & "Supper-on-the-Town"

Thursday afternoon: Dulcimerville is located in one of the most scenic and culturally-rich parts of the Southern Appalachian Mountains – the part of the country where the Mountain Dulcimer originated. Our week is value-packed with classes. Participants have requested an opportunity to have a little time outside the classroom to replenish their energy, enjoy nature and local attractions, have a meal in one of the area's many restaurants, or just get some rest or practice. So on Thursday of our week, we schedule the day so this is possible - without any lost class time!


Here's how it works: When lunch ends at 1:15, it will be our time for Field Trips and Supper-on-the town as described in the "Special Features" section of this website. Thursday's Elective classes & mini-course sessions will be from 7:30-9:30 pm, with optional jamming after that. This enables us to have a full schedule of classes and still have a mid-week afternoon break to enjoy our beautiful mountain environment and replenish your energy outside the classroom environment. If you prefer not to go off campus, Don Pedi will be leading a "Freestyle Jam" from 2-4 p.m. Players of all skill levels are welcome.


Some of the nearby local attractions!

. Shopping in downtown Black Mountain, NC (2 dulcimer shops, a museum, many colorful craft/art/clothing shops). Black Mountain is called "The Front Porch of Western North Carolina" because of its mountain views. 


. Drive a few miles to the Blue Ridge Parkway's wonderful mountain scenery, visit the Parkway Folk Arts Center and Visitors Center, and on to magnificent Craggy Knob.


. Rustic Montreat College can be added to these.


. Asheville is 14 miles away, with many attractions like Biltmore House, Biltmore Village, the River Arts District, historic downtown area, and local golf courses.


. Hot Springs! This is a beautiful way to relax in the warm springs of the French Broad River, and have a massage at inexpensive Hot Springs Spa – about 45 min. away.


. Other outdoor options like golfing, cycling and whitewater rafting are near our location.


. Supper is "on the town," as mentioned above, at your expense, and the Black Mountain/Asheville area offers excellent restaurants (with many price ranges & cuisines). The Front Desk at the Blue Ridge Center has lists of restaurants. Your YMCA Blue Ridge Dining Hall plan does not include Thurs. supper, but our registrants may purchase meal tickets for it separately at the front desk by Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. - $15 per adult and $7.50 per child.


. Note: 7:30-9:30 p.m. will be the time for your Thursday 2-hr. Elective classes back at the Blue Ridge Assembly.

Karen Keane, '12 Dulcimerville Open Mike



  . Participants' Open Mike,

   Friday night.

This is a students-only performance that we always look forward to! Please come and play a favorite music piece, or sing, recite, tap dance, whatever you'd like to share. This year so everyone will have time to play, we will introduce you well but we ask that you just play without on-stage dialogue. Sign up after you arrive at Dulcimerville.



. Massages.

Good News! Casey Dupree, Massage Therapist (NC Lic#8855), will be back with us for Dulcimerville 2013! She practices many styles. You'll be able to sign up for one or more massages when you arrive at Dulcimerville. Appointment times are limited so sign up early.




. Group Photo.

Commemorate your week and 2013 Dulcimerville with a photo of you and all your friends here with a professional 8" x 10" color photo of the whole group. When you arrive your Welcome Packet will have an order blank for your print. Weather permitting we'll take the photo on Tuesday or as early as we can in the week so prints can be processed by the end of the week for you to take home.


. Dulcimerville Scholarships.

Thank You to all the generous folks who made our 2013 Dulcimerville scholarships possible. If you would like to sponsor a 2014 Dulcimerville scholarship (in someone's honor, or to help a specific category of participants, etc.), please write us at

And a Big Congratulations to the recipients of our 2013 Dulcimerville scholarships! 

JC Bradshaw

1. The JC Bradshaw Memorial Mountain Dulcimer Building Scholarship, sponsored by Nancy Galambush. JC was our longtime friend and a nationally-respected mountain dulcimer builder. We take pride that the first building classes he took were from Bob Mize when our mountain dulcimer week was at Appalachian State Univ. In addition to the tuition, Nancy is generously covering the cost of building materials. This scholarship recipient is JEWEL MOYERS of Hanna City, IL. Jewel has played the mountain dulcimer for many years and has brought many folks in his area to the instrument.

Donna Dunckel

2. The Donna Dunckel Memorial Scholarship for a "Gentle Side" Player, from funds raised at '12 Dulcimerville, was awarded to CARRIE BARNES of Commerce, TX. Donna was a sweet friend who loved fingerpicking and the more gentle sounds of the mountain dulcimer. Carrie is a newer player who has made fine progress in her playing and will take our "Progressing Intermediate" course.

Jo Ellen Hudson

3. The Jo Ellen Hudson Memorial Scholarship for a Beginner Player, sponsored by the Shoals Dulcimer Club, in remembrance of Jo Ellen, who introduced the dulcimer to many adults and children. It has been awarded to LIZ DONOHUE of Durham, NC, a new player with lots of creativity. She is enrolled in our "Beginner/Advanced Beginner" 13-1/4-hr. course.

4. The Ron Cyr Memorial Scholarship for a "Super Senior", sponsored by the Waterbound Dulcimer Club, in memory of Ron, who was a well-loved friend who attended our dulcimer weeks for many years. The recipient of this scholarship is WAYNE JUSTICE of Waynesville, NC. Wayne, a 30-year guitarist, whose favorite music is singing the old hymns, got himself a mountain dulcimer because he knew it would sound good on them. He will be getting strong basic training in our "Beginner/Advanced Beginner" course.

5. The Mountain Dulcimer "Ambassador" Scholarship, sponsored by funds raised at '12 Dulcimerville, is a new category. JUDY SIPES of Lake Junaluska, NC, is a charming multi-instrumentalist who first heard the dulcimer in her native Kentucky and has always wanted to play it more. She is enrolled in our "Traditional Music for the Mountain Dulcimer" course.

6. The Mountain Dulcimer Traditions Scholarship, sponsored by funds raised at '12 Dulcimerville, was awarded to MOLLY McCURDY of Waynesville, NC, who builds Light o' the Moon Dulcimers. She in enrolled in our "Traditional Music for the Mountain Dulcimer" course.

7. The Mountain Dulcimer Performer Scholarship, sponsored by funds raised at '12 Dulcimerville. MARK STEVENS from New South Wales, Australia, plays double bass in "The Crooked Fiddle" folk-rock band and wants to incorporate the mountain dulcimer into its sound. Mark is enrolled in our "Advanced" course.

We have had excellent youth scholars (12-21) in previous years and would be very happy if more apply next year. Summer vacation begins early at some schools that can enable students to attend our first-week-of June dates.

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